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9 Jun 2021

Getting published in the real world is quite a task, and in this economic climate publishing houses are going to become even more focused on the big names.

What this implies for writers trying to break into the big time (or to just get published) is we need to find other ways to become noticed by publishers and readers alike while earning something from you efforts.

Online publishing is quickly becoming one way to get your story out there. But the main issue most people who write stories can't make sites. Which means they either need to pay someone big money for a good site or are satisfied with something that looks less than average that is self novels online

Then there is the online promoting to be done.

It is not easy to rise above the crowd, regardless of the track you take, but it helps to start from the right place.

Having a site that looks good is a start. You don't need anything with great features, just clean and easy to navigate.

The site needs to be able to collect the readers name and email address, which is why I strongly suggest having a membership site set up.

It also helps to be able to easily send out emails to your readers with updates.

If this sounds all too much, chances are it is. But that does not mean there are not answers.

I have set up my online novel exactly as above. I capture my reader's information, I can email them with updates, there is a blog set up so readers can have input on the story (from pointing out punctuation mistakes to plot suggestions).

My story is serialised, with a new chapter at least once a week. Web template readers the chance to say their bit with a chance of seeing their input become real. I set up pages myself (easily done in the administrator area) and every time I add a new chapter I send out an email to tell everyone.

If you want to earn some dough, I have set up a donation area where people can pay $2 a month, $2 every second month or $2 every three months. There is also AdSense and a series of banners across the top which i can sell space to ad servers.

Am I making a fortune? No, not yet. But I am making some dough. My story is being read. And updating the site is not a huge challenge.

And it isn't costing a fortune to run

If you want to publish online, having a membership site is the way to go. Don't be self conscious about it, get your work out there and do it well. It will help your product to look good for potential publishers.


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