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6 Jun 2021

It is difficult to find clothing brands that have managed carryout a name for themselves, have sustained it for more than a century and are still going strong. Lyle and Scott is one such brand and those of you who have not heard about it will do well to check out their range of jumpers and other knitwear. These have indeed assumed iconic status in the fashion industry and the Golden Eagle insignia is an easily identified one associated with top quality and style. While the UK market is its greatest and most profitable one, the brand is now finding takers in other countries as well, thanks to growing awareness and the fact that people can now buy such clothing online. Males in particular can find a large range of irresistible knitwear clothing that is unique in their patterns, colours and elegance.Spunlace fabric for wet wipes

Amongst all its clothing, it is the jumper for which this brand is most famous. They are available in excellent quality knitwear featuring V-necks and are synonymous with luxury. The brand has devoted a lot of care and attention to even the most minute of details with the buttons and collars chosen and sewn with great style. People are willing to pay a premium for the Eagle insignia mainly due to the confidence in the quality, doing your hair and comfort that the brand stands for. The fact that this brand is required to do very little advertising is a testimony to its popularity, loyalty and strong image amongst the shopping public. This quiet style and elegance has been its strong points that have facilitated it to be able to one of the top clothing brands for over a century.

Irrespective of the material you choose for your jumpers, you are guaranteed luxury and comfort. Moreover, the clothing is not expensive at all and you can pick up something for the small sum of £30 as well. This is reasonable when one considers the hefty premium other designer brand labels charge for even clothing like t-shirts. The vast range enables you to choose something affordable and within your budget and you can thus have one of the hottest designer brands adorning your wardrobe.

Though it started as a major manufacturer of golf and woolen clothing, its knitwear range captured market share pretty quickly and it was not before top celebrities started endorsing the brand. The brand pulled off another master stroke in coming out with a whole range for women as well. The merino jumpers as well as polos are the most popular amongst women. It helped the brand achieve more market share and women who often purchase their partners found this brand very appealing to them and started purchasing clothing for self as well. Men have a expansive range to choose from jumpers to t-shirts to even formal shirts.


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