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8 Dec 2020

Global Positioning System or better known as GPS is a technology by which we can track any device which has a GPS system fitted into it. This GPS is connected with the satellite through which the position of the object to be tracked is presented with a backdrop of a real time or a schematic map. A few years back having GPS tracking systems to track somebody's location involved a lot of hardware and expenses and thus GPS tracking systems were not considered to be economical at small scale. Now days the expansion and revolution in field of mobile technology has brought GPS tracking systems in every hand. There are a large number of mobile applications being developed which include the feature of GPS tracking systems. Each and every software development company today incorporates the GPS feature into almost all of the relevant applications that are developed.

A GPS system used to track people's location is sometimes found to be hindering with certain people's privacy and this issue of tracking people through GPS systems has been opposed many times. Though this system is found to be spying on someone's privacy but in many cases GPS tracking systems become an essential weapon to track someone stuck in a remote place or chasing a criminal in the city. According to the current scenario in mobile development it has been observed that almost all the mobile phones in the market are coming with in-built GPS tracking systems. This new feature in the mobile phones and certain other devices has led to the development of a large number of mobile applications by every software development company in the tracker

Most of the carrier services providing companies are also providing services for GPS enabled devices. The services provided by the carrier companies make use of the in-built GPS system in the device and the popularly available Google Maps. Though every software development company these days are providing mobile applications with GPS feature facility available and many of which are available as freeware but using GPS system for the purpose of tracking a person without his/her consent or permission from the government is a punishable offence that lead to some serious trouble.

Many high end smart phones now days come with the feature of Passive tracking. Passive tracking enabled devices store all the relevant and related data internally to the device so that it can be downloaded later. This type of feature is also known as data logging. In case of an emergency situation assisted GPS tracking systems are used which download the ephemeris data of the body to be located so that it can be used when the person/body to be located goes out of the cellular coverage area. Every software development company developing GPS enabled mobile applications are also providing assistance and support services with their applications and devices to provide the best user experience. The majority of demand of the GPS feature is in the domain of security and defense which are utilizing the benefits of this technology.


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